Great River Institute

Def. (great river): connetquot: native american word meaning great river; the great spirit (native american), holy spirit (christian), ki (japanese), chi (chinese), prana (hindu), etc.


I have been informed that this site is getting visitors from the Bedford, Virginia area who are not at all familiar with Great River Institute and its work. Welcome!

If you arrived here via a Google search and think you may be at Great River Institute’s website, well… you’re not; GRI does not have a website. This is neither an official nor unofficial GRI site. While I am both a student and instructor at GRI, the views expressed here only reflect my personal perspectives and inner journey. Any and all errors, mistakes and omissions are solely mine.


This site (which includes my other blog) has hundreds of articles/posts. If you want a brief introduction to what GRI or this blog is all about, check out these posts:

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