Eternal awareness flows into us like water smoothing out a stone over millenniums, steadily eroding away our biases and fears.

Awareness weaves her magic spell, vitalizing the air we breathe, radiating the sunlight that warms us, influencing the actions of our co-workers, and speaking through the joys and disappointments expressed by of our friends and families.

She shines brightly and relentlessly, permeating our religions, giving steady friendship throughout history, offering unflinching and constant companionship, even in our darkest moments of self loathing. She is relentless in her pursuit.


A little background

My religious background was Christian, and I was raised in an active church family. Later in life I became involved in the martial arts of Jiu Jitsu. While a student of Great River Institute I rose into the black belt ranks, and eventually became certified as an instructor. The path of the martial arts, along with the study of esoteric arts and sciences offered by GRI, has influenced me profoundly.

Jiu Jitsu is a self-defense art. It is highly effective, regardless of age, gender or size. While it can take a number of years to earn a black belt degree, even one class can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Sometimes that difference comes by learning to be less indifferent. Sometimes it comes by witnessing an amazing feat, a martial arts phenomenon. Sometimes it comes through realizing we CAN defend ourselves. Perhaps it occurs by observing an act of courage, such as a fellow student being open and honest about a deep obstacle in their life, and then watching them take their first timid step into the unknown darkness of self improvement.

But the martial arts is only one of many paths on the inward journey. Deeper awareness can be found anywhere, including the simplest of statements. For example, we often wonder why we are here. One day my Sensei (teacher) said, “You think you are here to study self-defense. Well, you are. The reason you are here is to learn about defending against your self. ”

So each day I try to chip away, like the sculptor who sees art unfolding in a forbidding lump of rock. Each day I pull out the hammer and chisel, some days pounding and getting bruised and sore, and other days crafting and refining with satisfaction. Each day is, in some way, an attempt to move forward in my struggle to overcome ego, denial and selfishness. Some days are wins, others are losses. I just keep at it though, because “slow and steady wins the race”.


More background


Basic bio


Name: Mark Walter

Occupation: Self employed

Born – 30 November 1950

Blogging since 29 April 2005


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