One of the wisest and most honest personal expressions on the Web, and one of the most beautiful as well…treat your soul to the company of this fellow traveler. The Wild Things of God, 16 Aug 06

Greetings from Calcutta, India. I discovered your blog yesterday. That was serendipity indeed! Your reflections seemed to be such an intimate dialogue. I look forward to being in your blog-sphere. rama, 31 Aug 06

Your site really speaks to me. The pictures and artwork you post are mesmerizing. Thanks for your presence. isaiah knows nothing, 21 Jun 05

Thanks for creating such an inspiring and thought provoking place on the web. Grateful Bear, 11 Aug 05

I’m so very happpy to see you back… We missssed you very much!!! happy to see you return!!! bird on a wire, 16 Aug 06

The more I browse through your posts and comments, the more that I sense the overflowing need to learn more. Thank you very much. As always, your words are opening a lot of doors of realization. Asian Smiles, 17 Sep 05

Please convey my regards to your brother. Please mention that he has another fan in Singapore. Automatically I have become a disciple of Sensei by reading so many thoughts and ideas of him from your blog. Inspirations and Creative Thoughts, 21 Jul 05

I love your posts! Gives me so much to think about. This site has been very helpful to me. Thank you so much! Chicken Little, 15 Jul 05

I think you are deeply mistaken. Hopefully you will find out the truth one day. By choosing to believe that you can do no wrong in God’s eyes, you are making a presumption that will lead you to the deadliest of deaths. God loves you and God is love, but he also is an all consuming fire so watch out and exclude yourself from the world. Superhero InvisaGirl, 11 May 05

Your blog struck me so deeply with its freshness and honesty that I read… and read… and read… back into the archives, wherever my errant clicks would take me. So, I’m quite happy that you are back, and that there will be more. Julie, 16 Aug 06


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